Sean Thomas options Extracurriculars

From InkTip:

Producer/CEO Sean Thomas of September SevenTeen Studio found “Extracurriculars” on InkTip and optioned it from Padgett Arango and Matthew Abrams. Sean Thomas’s credits include “Fall Down Dead” (starring Dominique Swain and David Carradine), among many others, and this is Padgett and Matthew’s second project with September SevenTeen.

We’ve been working with Sean for a couple of years now on our script The Agent, which he found when he listed it on InkTip. That’s still ongoing, but last Winter he called us up and asked us if we had a cheap-to-shoot horror script that could be filmed in Canada. We pitched him Ghost Trappers (our pre-teen ghost hunter movie) and Extracurriculars (our teen slasher told from the slashers’ point of view). He loved Extracurriculars and decided to option that as well.

As far as we know this is the first announcement of any kind regarding the movie, so wanted to share it. There’s more news coming (cool director, great cast locked down), but we don’t want to steal Sean’s thunder.