I should probably just admit defeat on trying to keep this up to date, but quitting is for suckers. Here’s what we’ve been up to since I last posted.

  • As mentioned, The Agent was optioned.  Daniel Yee Heng Chan was attached to direct, so we spent a while working with him, incorporating his notes into the script.  Note incorporation probably deserves its own post, but it’s a weird process.  The director also sent over his ideal casting, which put Rooney Mara or Charlize Theron in the lead role (instead of our envisioned casting of Melissa Leo, Diane Lane, or Famke Janssen), and floated a bunch of awesome character actors in the other parts. As a result, we rewrote the heavies to be played by Chris Hemsworth and Ben Mendelsohn.
  • After a bit of no communication, we learned that Daniel had moved on to other projects, so our producer Sean started looking for a new director.
  • New director found.  Santiago Zannou, director of Goya-award nominated Scorpion in Love is now attached to the project.  We got some new notes from him on how to rework the first act.  Generally wants the film to be more of a serious drama and less of a glib revenge flick.  First act rewritten, director is happy, awaiting more notes.
  • Did a full rewrite on Extracurriculars, our teen slasher flick.  We were never entirely sold on the third act, especially since the script came in at an overlong 115 pages or so.  We dropped the third act and fleshed out the post-all-is-lost segment, and it works so much better.  We’re talking to a producer now about shooting it in Northern Ontario.
  • For a while, we were talking to a producer about a biopic. We did a ton of research, and came up with a very thorough treatment, but the producer got cold feet.  It’s stuck in treatment phase now, but trying to figure out if we want to move forward with writing it.
  • Wrote up a first draft of a ghost story set in Hong Kong. The tone is kind of weird on this one – we were trying to go with actual horror, but we had so much fun writing the gleefully xenophobic American businessman that it veers into comedy more than intended.  This one needs some work, but I think it’s a good concept still.
  • First draft finished on a road movie comedy about siblings who hijack a whiskey truck.  Writing comedy is hard, which is odd, since about 90% of what we say in conversation is designed to make someone laugh.
  • Finished up the first draft on a sitcom pilot for a hockey comedy this morning.  Again, not easy.  Writing comedy might not be our strong suit.

I may have forgotten some things, but that’s the gist of it.  We will see if I remember to post these more than once a year.