Busy Busy Busy

It’s been a while since I updated here, but it’s not due to lack of activity. If anything, we’ve been busier than ever the last few months. Shortly after the InkTip Summit, we were contacted by one of the producers we met with and were offered a job adapting a comic book series to film. Obviously, we said yes. We just turned in our final draft a couple of weeks ago. It was a great process, and I’m hoping to get a post up here about our experience doing work-for-hire in the near future.

Additionally, we heard from another producer who was interested in a short-term option on Extracurriculars, so that he could take the script to his money people.  We signed papers on that as well.  In the end, his people felt, following the Connecticut school shooting, that they might not want to sink money into a film about killer teenagers. Disappointing, but still nice to have the interest, and the producer’s expressed interest in looking at other scripts.

We had another company that was interested in buying The Agent with the intent of adapting it into a TV series. Eventually, the deal fell apart. Disappointing, but, again, nice vote of confidence.

We’re currently in talks for another work-for-hire project, as well as doing some editing on our old scripts. Like everyone and their brother, we took Glenn Howerton up on his request for scripts, sending him Red Sea, just in case he wants to make a TV drama about Nazi hunters.  Given that they’re averaging eighty scripts a day, we expect to be waiting a while.

We’ve also heard from a producer who actually found the script for The Agent via the listing on InkTip.  I’ve had various scripts listed up there for a couple of years now, and this is the first time someone has actually gotten in touch with us from one of these listings.  He loved the script, so we’re running through another polish, cutting a few pages, and will talk to him again this week.

All exciting news, but makes it much harder to keep up with the blogging.  I don’t know how John August does it.