Maybe We’re Doing This Wrong

Not to turn this blog into nothing but replies to John August but:

A screenplay is a huge undertaking, involving months or years of work.

Matthew and I can usually break a script from concept to scene breakdown in about two or three hours. On our first draft, we usually average something like four to six pages an hour, meaning we can usually go from one-line concept to rough draft in a little over three weeks. Editing usually takes about a week and a half, unless the rough draft has gone horribly off the rails.

That means that, with an hour a day of writing, we can usually end up with a polished script we feel confident about in less than six weeks. I know professional writers who are writing for contract end up having to do endless rounds of revisions and notes and such, but it seems like, for an aspiring screenwriter, there’s no reason to spend years on a single screenplay.

Or maybe we’re just not doing it right.