Completed Scripts

THE KING. (Drama) A washed-up rapper must choose between pursuing his artistic dreams and reuniting with his old crew for one last shot at fame.

THE AGENT. (Action/Thriller) A talent agent for criminals seeks revenge on the clients who left her for dead.

THE LEAGUE OF SANTAS. (Family Action) When the elves go rogue, Father Christmas and Santa Claus must unite the Christmas spirits of the world to save the holidays.

RED SEA. (TV Pilot) Set in 1960, the Israeli government organizes a covert unit to track down and execute escaped Nazis.

THE ZIG-ZAG BANGS PLAY MUSIC FOR SPYING. (Action Comedy) An all-female rock band travels the world, conducting top-secret operations for the CIA.

HENCHMAN. (Action Comedy) A single dad gets a job working as a supervillain’s henchman.

GHOST TRAPERS (sic). (Pre-teen Horror) Spelling-impaired tween girls start a summertime paranormal investigation business. Horror ensues.

MORAY CREEK. (Horror Comedy) Genetically modified eels escape from a government facility on the night of the big dance.

EXTRACURRICULARS. (Thriller) Four overachieving teenagers plot out elaborate murders.