Matthew Abrams and Padgett Arango, Actual Professional Screenwriters


We've known each other since college and are never happier than when we're writing. Our scripts, THE AGENT (a female-led revenge thriller) and EXTRACURRICULARS (a teen horror flick), have been optioned and are currently in development. We've also been hired to do work-for-hire projects, including a biopic and an adaptation of a cult comic book series.
Matthew Abrams
The one with the hair

Place of birth: New York, NY
Favorite film: The Long Goodbye
Favorite director: John Carpenter
Favorite screenwriter: Leigh Brackett
Padgett Arango
The one with the beard

Place of birth: Zurich, Switzerland
Favorite film: Repo Man
Favorite director: Robert Altman
Favorite screenwriter: Walter Hill

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